15 Sexy Hairstyles for Men with Straight Hair

Hairstyles For Men With Straight Hair

In today’s quickly-paced world, most guys don’t have the time to invest hours in front of the mirror, styling straight hair. Even so, every single guy desires to search excellent. If you have straight hair, you’re in luck – the correct haircut and several essential styling items will type you out in minutes, if not seconds. Check out out these easy and reduced-servicing hairstyles for straight hair guys.

1. Lengthy and Straight

Extended hair is back in design for straight-haired guys. From skater-design center-parted hair to Viking braided locks, there is an extended-haired appear to suit you. Thicker hair tends to look better when it is lengthy, and it is remarkably simple to maintain it searching very good. Make positive you’re using a sulfate-free of charge shampoo and conditioner, and go to your barber for standard trims.

Long And Straight


2. Fringe

Fringes appear excellent on all hair types. If you have naturally straight hair, it is a lower-servicing style that needs really tiny merchandise or effort. Grow out your fringe to brow or forehead length, and have your barber shape it to operate with the rest of your hair. If you want a minor far more texture, use sea salt spray or a touch of matte clay.



3. Quiff

The quiff hairstyle never ever goes out of trend for men. That is simply because it is a flattering and versatile search that operates for every event and age group. You can add some texture to aid give structure to thin or beautiful hair. Depending on your hair’s thickness, use sea salt spray, clay, or wax to kind the quiff and add texture.



4. Bro Movement

Relaxed and rugged, the bro flow is an exceptional fashion for medium-length straight hair. It demands minimal energy – you can comb it back or adhere to your organic parting and let your locks settle into spot. Bear in thoughts that the smoothness of straight hair means that your bro movement will look sleeker and a lot more sophisticated than a curly or wavy edition of the type.


Bro Flow

5. Slick Back

A single of the most straightforward hairstyles for guys with straight hair is the slick back, it has a timelessly remarkable appeal. It will add an immediate frame of mind and polish to your search. All you require to develop a traditional slick back is a comb and moist gel or pomade. Make sure you use a sturdy-hold item with a glossy finish rather than matte.


Slick Back

6. Half-Up Half-Down

The half-up half-down hairstyle combines the relaxed perspective of the guy bun with the flattering length of longer hair. Due to the fact, the reduced area is left loose, the eye is drawn down – creating your encounter look longer and slimmer. However, tying the prime half up of your hair into a man bun gives the design a tiny a lot more polish and sophistication. It offers you the greatest of both worlds, with minimal energy.


Half Up Half Down Straight Hair

7. Pompadour

The pompadour haircut is identified for volume, height, and drama. Make confident you preserve the sides of your hair shorter and build capacity into the upper front area of your hair. It is the contrast between the two that generates the pomp result. The pompadour is perfect for guys who don’t want to increase their hair out or desire a far more minimalist type.



8. Side Element

Sophisticated and suave, a side portion is a must for guys who want that Mad Guys ’60s amazing. The side element is versatile in that it fits nearly every face shape, from rectangle to triangle and lengthy. It is also easy to style – find your parting and comb from there. Several men portion their hair on the wrong side, so if yours lacks volume or won’t keep in spot, even with merchandise, try parting it on the other side.


Side Part

9. Man Bun

The guy bun is an ideal type for guys with medium or shoulder-length straight hair. After regarded as a style for hipsters, the guy bun has gone mainstream more than the previous few years and has proved it has significant staying energy. Simple, masculine, and flattering, the man bun fits most encounter shapes. Greatest of all, it’s swift and straightforward – pull your hair back and save it in a loop or coil about halfway up the back of your head.

Man Bun


10. French Crop

The French crop is traditional for an explanation. It suits almost every encounter shape and is also great for disguising thinning hair or a receding hairline. Similar to the Caesar, but with a minor a lot more length in the fringe, the French crop is cool, modern, and elegant. It also pairs excellently with an undercut or a fade. While the French crop can be styled with naturally straight hair, you can simply include minor texturizing merchandise to give it a much more casual, messy, really feel.

Straight French Crop


11. Taper Fade

For straight-haired guys who want a no-fuss, expert haircut, the taper fade is perfect. Your barber will gradually reduce your hair shorter and shorter down to your hairline, for a seamless and ultra-blended finish. Simply because the lower is structured, you will not want to also place considerable effort into styling your hair on a day to day basis – make positive you keep your hairline neat at the back and around your ears.

Taper Fade


12. Blow Out

Popular in the 90s, the blow out is a brief-to-medium length hairstyle that is all about volume. The blow out imitates the search of being windswept. Like the quiff hairstyle, it is flattering since it can make your encounter appear longer. Best for thick, straight hair, it is essential to produce. Blow-dry your hair employing a round brush to make the strands stand up, then apply a small gel or pomade to set the type. Finally, give your locks yet another rapid blast of sizzling air to seal it in.



13. Ivy League

Similar to a crew minimize, the Ivy League is a quick back and sides hairstyle that suits most men. The Ivy League performs for any occasion and is easy to type on straight hair – all you want is a small styling gel and pomade.


Ivy League

14. Side-Swept Fringe

A side-swept fringe is a great way to stability face form and suits medium hair lengths. To get the search, part your hair on 1 side and sweep it diagonally forward. Add a soft-hold hairspray to maintain the hair in place without generating your fringe appear as well rigid or pointy.

Side Swept Fringe


15. Curtains

The ’90s are back in design, and so are hairstyles from the era. The curtains search – famously worn by the likes of River Phoenix and Kurt Cobain – is one of the easiest and best styles to rock if you have straight hair. It combines a more extended, center-parted fringe section with both quick or medium length hair. Curtains draw focus to your eyes and suit guys with higher cheekbones.



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