4 Men Hair Type: The Best Complete Hair Guide For Guys

Complete Hair Guide For Men

Men Hair Type

Among men’s hair type, there are two core hair qualities that you can have on your head: straight or wavy. If your hair is not straight, it is coiled, although curly hair occurs in a range of types. From curly hair that may look straight when very short in length to super close-fitting curls that cloud out in the roughest of manners, mostly men with wavy hair don’t know what kind of wavy hair they have.

If you want to have good looking hair, you must know your wavy hair type as liable on what you are increasing atop your head, you may need to alter different things in your hairstyling and hair care actions. Most of the information that you will find at Manly Locks best fits to wavy hair as a general term, but some delicacies need to be highlighted more or less according to men’s hair type.

Meanwhile, my knowledge is in wavy hair, and because wavy hair is challenging to manage, I have shaped this best guide for guys, straight, coiled and kinky haired men so that they can recognize exactly what type of wavy hair they may have. This guide is for curved hair type and doesn’t much talk about straight hair because straight hair doesn’t have any sub-categories of like wavy hair.

Therefore, if you don’t find your hair type within this survey, you will have straight hair. Straight hair can be balanced with curly hair (Type I hair) when it comes to handling it, so I request you to spread on this guide even if you have conventional hair, or you can say straight hair.

There are four types of hair for men, so your styling and preparation must be functioned around your hair type. Below is patterned out the Internet’s most fabulous epic male hair type guide.

There are two essential hair qualities that you can take on your head: curly or straight. If your hair is not straight, it is wavy, although curly hair is in a range of types. Knowing your hair type is very necessary to manage them properly. If you need to have decent looking hair, you primarily recognize your curly hair type, you might love to add different effects to your hair in daily routine.

Most of the information that you will find at Male Curls is appropriate to curly men’s hair type as a general term and together to all curl hair types, but here are some scraps that want to be highlighted more or less rendering to one’s hair type.

Among men, four hair types are common, so the unique one is yours, and why is it necessary to know this to make classic hairdos and haircuts?

If you have understood Manly Curls for about time or if you have gone through two successful books, The Men’s Hair Volume or The Curly Hair Volume, you will be able to distinguish that this article is excellent on summarizing hair types. To take a “grand mane” (the cheap name to use to describe decent-looking hair), it is essential to first classify what it is that he has on his head. In this article, you will find a description of different types of hair men bare on their heads and treat them accordingly to compliment their looks.

It must be said that styling your hair (i.e., changing it into another hair type) need not be problematic at all, at least if you use the way this article shows you because this is the best guide for guys. In detail, the evidence of Manly Curls and two records mentioned earlier is to grasp everything about male hair and spot it down to a firm foundation that you can then effortlessly and suitably recreate, modify and take help from.

Ergo, the hair type that is founded some reasonable period ago is both modest and to the fact, and it will quickly help you to find the very first pebble of a solid basis that enhances the organization of your hair, counting the correct men’s haircuts, hairstyles and hair goods for you.

In the men hair type guide, there are 4 types of hair:

But as I have said, there are two main textures of men’s hair type, straight and curly, and curly hair in men are of different styles, which are put here into types. According to the definition, curly hair is those that don’t grow in a straightway. Thus the growth of curly hair begins in a curved or curled manner as they start to become. The pattern of growth in curly hair varies from one individual to another (irrespective of gender) and can also slightly differ between areas of the scalp.

Classification of curly hair can be done into five types: I, II, III, IV, and V. Keep in mind that these types are considered as curl types. To avoid confusion, each curly hair type is denoted with a Roman numeral, and it is advised to use these Roman numerals while mentioning curly Men’s hair type in the guide.

But, like man, you have a site named, like, Manly Curls or something, like where is the curly hair in your hair type best guide for a guy, dude? Like, seriously, dude?

As it is statted earlier, it would be covering the fact that “curly hair” is not a hair type, so let us tell you the basis behind one of the world’s most significant essential findings. Your hair grows markedly straight without twisting, or it curves as it produces; this is a necessary feature of a male’s hair type. The sequence with which your mane grows is 100% heritably determined, so you’re fundamentally stuck with what you take unless you want to willingly alter your hair design.

Since your hair also grows bone straight or grows with arcs, it is, therefore, that we have two hair qualities: curly hair and straight hair.

Both hair qualities (i.e., straight hair and curly hair) are then considered as parent types for the real men’s hair type. In the circumstance when a person has straight hair as quality, its hair type is similar (i.e., straight hair). Though, in the time when a person has curly hair quality, its hair type is kinky hair, coiled hair, and wavy hair. To make it more refreshing for you to imagine the bond between hair quality and hair type, have a quick look at the design below:

So, there: curly hair is a texture and not a hair type, and hair types are what this guide is about. From here onwards, you will find the 4 men hair type that makes up this hair type guide with all the information you need to start building your hair foundation. Also included in the guide is information that which men’s hairstyles and hair products best suit each of the hair types so that you can get working on your hair foundation as soon as possible (and get your impressive epic mane too).

This hair type guide is for everyone out there, no matter what hair type you have. Thus it is a vast best guide for a guy, and you should spend some time going through this guide in detail and bookmark it for additional reference in the forthcoming. You can check this hair type guide at any period, though this hair type guide shelters only the fundamentals of the hair type guide in The Men’s Hair Volume.

Most profound, in The Men’s Hair, you will be getting knowledge in an all-inclusive fashion that how to modify your haircuts. Your hair type, as well as study how to suitably customize your extended-term hair tutoring and hair upkeep for the most delicate hair you can ever maybe achieve.

As said above, this version of men’s hair type guide here at Male Curls will help many of you and will deliver you sufficient knowledge to start comprehending and advance your hair.

Enjoy it!

Men Hair Type: The Best Guide for Guys

Straight hair – Men Hair Type

Image result for Straight hair - Men Hair Type

An elegance that will continuously remain trending is the straight hair. Straight hair stretches the wearer a put together and smooth look. Straight hair is soft, healthy, and reliable, but also they lack capacity, simply become oily, and are uninteresting if you don’t keep On doing something to it now and then for a change. They will look monotonous if it doesn’t style often.

As you’ve read previously in this best guide for guys, straight hair is the mane that just grows straight deprived of curving. They need attention, there is nearly minor curving if sufficient length is full-grown in a straight bolt and that curving can be done with motorized action such as scouring or heat fashioning. However, the bent will be minimal and only considerable when the mane is long, almost extra than 6 inches in length.

To make effects a little cooler for you to identify your mane, length mark is set to classify whether your hair is straight or not, and this distance mark is 3 inches initial from the scalp. If your mane does not curve within the first 3 inches of its distance starting from the scalp, you then have straight hair; if it bends, then switch to the other kinds for proper identification of your mane that is it will be curly, twisted or kinky.

For reference, you can see men’s hair type with straight hair in Hollywood that are famous celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and our friend Justin Bieber.

Advantages vs. disadvantages of straight hair

Straight hair is the coolest of the 4 hair types for men to maintain and look elegant, which is a huge plus point. Straight hair fixes also get to suspend down with only a pair of inches of distance, so straight mane is pretty valuable if you need to rival the Justin Bieber hair peripheral flip from spinal in the diurnal. Straight hair gives a neat look and is easy to manage, unlike curly hair, which needs extra effort to look manageable. Moreover, straight here shines more as the surface of straight hair reflects light much more than curly hair surface.

Suspend on, with all these uber-calm advantages stated above, straight hair necessity surely has at smallest some kind of difficulty. Well, my friend, that is undoubtedly correct: straight hair doesn’t have sufficient volume, they look sleek and unhealthy sometimes, which is why males with straight hair go crazy to use hair gel, hair wax and hairdryers to acquire some capacity for their manes. It’s a skill-off: you get the calm Bieber-Esque hanging locks while your ability to naturally re-form enough capacity on your hair is zero.

Each hair type has a similar kind of skill-off, seeing that you’re attractive much fixed with your men’s hair type for the rest of your lifetime, it’s in your hands to exploit the advantages of your specific hair type.

Hairstyles for straight hair

The hairdos that best suit conventional-haired men comprise short hairstyles that can be formed into many patterns as exceptional as extended hair reaching from jaw distance to bear length. A Faux Hawk requiring a quick trim works pretty well for straight mane as does the encounter mentioned above up hairstyle. (though make unquestionable to use a hairdryer for the meeting-up; just recite the guide on the connection posted previously for Justin Bieber’s encounter up if you need to give a brush-up hairstyle physically).

Hair products for straight hair

If you want a straight mane, the best goods to custom for your hair type for men are hair mousse, hair spray, hair wax, pomade, and a hairdryer. You can, of sequence, get numerous other guys’ hair goods; nonetheless, these 5 hair products that we’ve just stated should be your hairstyling butter and bread.

Also, if your mane is of an average-length or lengthier (i.e., lengthier than 2 inches), you need to be using an even conditioner in a minimal amount just once a week. In the volume, The Men’s Hair Book, you will find the entire methodology and template for employed out the occurrence of use of a shampoo and conditioner (among numerous other belongings you will learn) for different men’s hair type.

How to maintain straight hair:

  • Conditioning and Shampooing the hair at best 2 to 4 times a week.
  • If the hair is very greasy, you can clean every day if mandatory or shampoo as regularly as desired to have grease-free hair.
  • Apply conditioner and only spread on it at the ends of the hair and not at the roots.
  • If the hair has remained chemically uncurled, use shampoos specially made for the determination and condition the hair daily.
  • The most exceptional kind of shampoo for afro-surfaced hair is one which is sulfate permitted and a profound conditioner as it helps in making the hair hydrated and shiny
  • Keep attaining a trim in 3 to 4 weeks to eliminate the split ends.
  • Go in that type of haircuts that stretch the hair a little volume.
  • Evade heat claim as much as possible and do not comb wet hair.

Wavy hair – Men Hair Type

Image result for Wavy hair - Men Hair Type

Wavy hair is the mane that slightly bends as it raises from the hair hole, so, once given enough distance, wavy hair looks like waveforms. At short distances (up and around to 1.5 inches), wavy hair can be wrong for a straight mane, so preferably you need 3 inches or more of hair length to be 100% sure of your men’s hair type. In any case, if your hair curves within its first 3 inches of distance but does not brand a full coil form, then your hair is curly.

Advantages vs. disadvantages of wavy hair

Wavy hair might be supposed to be the perfect hair type for folks. Wavy hair still upholds the simple hairstyling attribute of straight hair. However, it also has the usual hair capacity of curlier hair type, so wavy hair becomes to look like a thoughtful lion’s mane at average lengths. Wavy hair even aspects pretty good when extended and doesn’t have the risky look-at-me issue of kinky and coiled hair (afterward a while, the novelty of having females approach you to ask around your hair upkeep routine will attire off).

Curly hair also has some disadvantages as they take so much time to set and also need much care otherwise look frizzy. The use of oil and products rich in essential oils become compulsory; otherwise, curls will look terrible.

Hairstyles for wavy hair – men hair type

Men hairstyles for wavy mane comprise medium distance hairstyles like lateral parts and untidy hairstyles. Similarly, shoulder-length wavy hair can appear pretty calm and wavy mane will also look good during the entire growth stage of spreading to a shoulder-length. This is somewhat that coiled and kinky mane does not advantage from and which demand the uncooperative stage for coiled and curly mane due to these 2 hair kinds typically looking awkward or funny throughout the growth phase to shoulder distance. (though this won’t happen if you distinguish what you’re doing, so last reading).

Hair products for wavy hair

Meanwhile, the wavy hair is (later all) curly, you need to start with a leave-in conditioner on furthermost days of the week. Similarly, your essential for a consistent conditioner upsurge with wavy hair and, when your hair distance is lengthier than 2 inches. You have to utilize an even conditioner a pair of days per week; if you are hesitant about conditioners, then go through a hair conditioner guide to study what a steady conditioner and consent-in conditioner are.

Keep in mind, however, that you have discovered in The Men’s Hair Volume all the incidences of hair-product use by way of well as the means and scheme to working out unconditionally all that your hair wants according to your hair’s specific necessities.

Concerning hair styling goods, you can still use hair pomades and waxes, but make sure to get a decent styling ointment to use once your hair looks curled and to use once you want to additional define and refinement of your waves at average lengths or lengthier. You can still practice a hairdryer, but make sure to use it with a diffuser.

Get a similar hairdryer as for conventional hair, but do also consist of this diffuser. The diffuser is just trimmed to the spout of the hairdryer and assistances to dispel the heat (you will study why in The Men’s Hair Book, but fundamentally, this is decent for your waves).

Coiled hair – Men Hair Type

Image result for Coiled hair - Men Hair Type

Coiled hair is what utmost of you (but not altogether) would understand as “curly hair.” As the term says, coiled hair procedures in coil-like forms that are simple to spot. Many of the men’s hair type is coiled hair. This thing needs attention that wavy mane does also produce in a coiled shape (since it curls) but, because of the extended-distance that it takes from wavy hair to whole a coil, the form that wavy hair procedures are “wavy” and not twisted. With a coiled mane, though, the length to the curl is shorter and later its shape.

Coiled hair will produce coils in its first 2 inches of hair development. Different wavy hair where you will fair see the hair bent in its first 3 inches of distance, coiled hair will openly and perceptibly form coils in the first 2 inches of hair distance.

For position, guys with coiled hair comprise David Bisbal, Troy Polamalu, and yours truthfully (aka “that” man with the epic blog… kinda, sorta, maybe…).

Advantages vs. disadvantages of coiled hair

Coiled hair that is correctly seen after (keyword actuality “properly”) will attitude out decently. Bright curls (i.e., coils) are a rare sight (which with any luck will be extra common with altogether of you reading websites and books). Average-length to extended length curls will fascinate babes like darling attract flies (or, as the tunes go, like a “milkshake brings all the boys to the yard”); I can express you that.

Although with wavy hair, misses will method you to fool you to death by the same mane-care queries, with (excellent) looped hair, girls will in its place be craving to play doctor and nurse with you. Well-formed glossy coils radiate a very-sexual attraction and not a captivating advantage of this curtain potential as a guy would be thought crime to yourself.

The problematic? Having nice-viewing coils (i.e., an overwhelming mane) is a complicated thing, and the massive majority of menfolk with loops don’t distinguish how to accomplish their hair. Therefore, they end up like Sideshow Bob or Will Ferrell in its place of like a curly-haired form of Fabio.

A significant difficulty of looped hair is that it be situated accessible to elegance, mainly if your mane care or hair-tutoring routines are terrible as it occurs with the massive majority of coiled hair men. You must always use a wide-tooth comb to elegance your curly mane, and you might also use your fingers to style those loops of yours, though, do not elegant your curly hair with an even comb for the dear of Bambi! I see this all the period with curly guys who are unaware as to why their coiled hair airs like a tumbleweed (hint: 98% of the period, it’s the search).

So, while wound hair is undoubtedly not simple to style, wound hair does, though, gain sufficiently of natural hair capacity without being tricky, so you do not want to do any expensive hairstyles. (like straight-haired men have to) to be able to like some heroic hair capacity, and this rough volume is a portion of the sexual attraction of coiled hair (but over, you only get to like this benefit if you take care of your coils).

Hairstyles for coiled hair

The hairdos that suit looped hair include the armed haircuts for petite hair and the Jiggle and Go for medium length hair.  That is suited for men’s hair type. Growing wavy hair long can be a shocking experience, so only effort to improve your looped mane extended if you are strongminded to stick to it no stuff what the conditions ahead may be. Which comprises having to study everything about your locks (within an aim, no need to clutch your lady’s Multicultural magazine).

The decent thing is that shoulder-distance coiled hair can appear fairly epic, so for the future, a pair of years to produce your coiled hair to bear length can surely pay off concerning general aesthetics. It’s up and around to you that how you manage your hair type. Before you choose any style, just get all the information on the kind of hair you have.

Hair products for coiled hair

The first merchandise that you must be receiving for your looped hair is a book, The Curly Hair Book. Beforehand you start thoughtful how dare I boldly plug my other book in this way, let me tell you that The Curly Hair Book remained the primary book inscribed out of 2 books and transcribed it with the beautiful passion that lone a curly-haired man with a blog named Manly Curls could pen. My goal line with together books is to teach you and help you to brand the most of your hair and, in The

Curly Hair Book, we do precisely that while too telling you around personal knowledge with rounded locks and how hair-connected pieces of knowledge can be of usage to you and for your hair (not primary) upcoming.

In the period of men’s hair goods and extra than The Curly Hair Book, you need to be investing in together regular conditioners and consent-in conditioners. An additional hair-care product that you must ideally be presenting yourself to is a deep conditioner. A deep conditioner delivers a sturdier conditioning result than the one attained with a regular conditioner, so habit the deep conditioner only when a month or once every 2 weeks.

Concerning hair designing products, don’t use hair wax, and in its place permission, your hairstyling to a decent styling ointment. Still, a permission-in conditioner can help as a de facto hairstyling creation, particularly if you’re going for the Jiggle & Go appearance or if you have extended hair. Finally, you may too start using usual butter and oils to hide the instructions of your loops to defend them and stretch them better meaning. Oh, and do a big favor physically and clutch a varied-tooth comb while you’re at it.

Get this additional-virgin olive oil to casually coat the instructions of your locks (olive oil goes excessive for conditioning twisted hair, and the olive oil in the connection can also be cast-off to cook!).

Kinky hair – Men Hair Type

Image result for Kinky hair men

Kinky hair is one of the 4 hair kinds, and it is the curliest of the 3 mane types under the coiled texture. Kinky hair is also recognized as afro-textured hair, and it is the hair kind most classically found in black males. However, kinky hair type can also originate in other contests and social groups. With kinky hair, the distance wanted to curl is so petite that the locks (i.e., kinks) will become aspect like consuming sharp bends.

Kinky hair is effortlessly identified inside the first half-inch of mane length, and it is the hair kind that is the calmest to classify out of the 4 hair kinds. If you are not sure whether your hair is looped or kinky, a dependable test is to a stance in front of a mirror some 3 bases away from it and attempt to tell the locks separately in your head. Can you ad your twists, or can you lone see your mane as an entire mass of wavy hair without distinguishing individual locks? If it is the last (i.e., can’t tell the locks apart, formerly you have kinky hair.

For the situation, men with kinky hair comprise Barack Obama, Will Smith, and Morgan Freeman.

Advantages vs. disadvantages of kinky hair

By distant, kinky hair is the hair kind with the most bulk. If you need to rock about epic hair capacity, then kinky hair type for men is wherever it’s at. Kinky hair is also actually resilient, so it delivers a tremendous external for some original denting (i.e., designing) on the hair with a locks clipper.

The difficulty with kinky hair is that it will yield you a lot of centuries (over 6 years) to produce enough hair distance for your kinky hair to suspend down certainly, and this is a mutual complaint amongst women growing their usual kinks long. More usually for men, though, is the criticism of not having sufficient curl meaning. By defaulting, kinky hair isn’t as bright as wound hair, so you will discover it much more solid to achieve glossy curls due to the actual tight and short nature of the locks themselves in kinky locks.

Hairstyles for kinky hair – men hair type

Because of the above-mentioned durable nature of kinky hair, this hair kind goes excessive for hair scheming with a locks clipper. A classic hairdo for kinky hair is the Afro hairdo because of the usual hair volume that kinky hair likes; no other hair kind is capable of rising huge Afros as kinky hair can produce! Also, and again owing to its significant nature, kinky locks do very fine with high hairdos such as the Tall Top Fade and the Disappear haircut where the flanks and spinal of the head are trimmed very short, and the locks on the highest of the head are formed with a locks clipper.

Hair products for kinky men hair type

If you take kinky hair type for men, then overlook about pomade and hair wax for your hairstyling goods. Well, perhaps use a slight bit of pomade every when in a while, but an emphasis on the next hair styling goods instead: a consent-in conditioner, fashioning cream, and usual butter. As for mane care products, you must be using a consistent conditioner on the most wonderful days and a deep conditioner every 2 weeks.

The lowdown on curly men hair type

Curly hair kind is more problematic to classify in menfolk than in females simply meanwhile men tend to take shorter locks, which numerous times covers the right hair kind of a male. Reliant on your twist type, it’s twisting/bent shape may yield up to three inches of distance to patent a full coil, and, since greatest curly-haired menfolk prefer to retain their locks short, it then the income that most coiled folks are unconscious of what their right curly men hair type is.

As specified, curly hair produces in a curved design, meaning that coiled hair is collected throughout its distance of curls. A “curl” is the locks section reaching from once the hair is bent in one way and then jumps curving in the reverse direction: the detachment between the early start of the arc until the opinion where the arc changes course is a curl.

As hair produces and a curl grows, the bent development of the hair will become principal into the creation of another coil, and an “S” shape will be noticeable. Now, hair grows in 3 scopes; thus, the “S” design is not always apparent. Relatively, if we were to place a catch of curly hair level against a surface, we can see, in reality, the connection of the two twists does form an S. In similar images above of curly locks, you can see the different S procedures taking place as each twist leads into the next through the length of the lock of hair.

In terms of observing the curl design of your hair, this is not always a laidback job. Hair that takes 3 inches to apparent a twist, as is the circumstance of Type I or curly hair, may look straight at a distance of 1 inch regardless of it is already curling, only that the bent shape is too slight to be seen at that length. However, Type V hair, or else known as kinky hair, has a separate frizzy form ostensible from 1/8 of an inch, and the hair can be understood twisting at even near smooth length.

The unity with all types of wavy hair is that they will all twist, with the only change being at what length a full twist will become ostensible. The last then orders the hair type one has and which you will be able to classify in this guide.

How to identify your curly men hair type

You should first inspect your hair. Aimed at this, you will find essential glass and a ruler. Go in obverse of the glass and pick a bolt of hair from the highest center of your head, safeguarding that you do not tug or spread the lock; it must remain in its usual shape. This part is the one on your scalp, which is Baring the less to everyday wear and slit, such as continuous friction with a couch pillow during sleep, so the mane on this part yields the nearby image of what your usual curl hair type/form is.

Once you clutch the latch of hair, place the ruler together with it and amount when your hair methods a curl. If your hair is fewer than 6 inches, perform the size starting after the scalp (i.e., place the ruler on the scalp) while if the locks lock is lengthier than 6 inches, you should do the size starting after the tip (end) of the lock. Repeat the measurement extra 2 times for an entire 3 times and effort out the mean regular of how long it receipts for your hair to method a curl.

You today have one of the utmost essential facts of receiving to attain your curls in the dominant way we indorse here at Manly Curls.

The curly men hair type

  • Type I: 2 to 3 inches to arrange a curl
  • Class II: 1 to 2 inches to arrange a curl
  • Type III: 0.5 to 1 inch to arrange a curl
  • Type IV: 0.125 to 0.5 inch to arrange a curl
  • Type V: up to 0.125 inches to arrange a curl

If your hair receipts over 3 inches of distance to arrange a curl, you have straight hair, not curly hair.

Type I curly hair

Type I curly hair needs up to 3 inches to produce one curl. If your locks are petite than 3 inches, you will be able to perceptibly sign your Type I curls bent at the 1.5-inch spot. If your locks are small than 1.5 inches, we endorse that you look at images of yourself with lengthier hair or ask a household member, meanwhile, at an actual-short length, your hair might, in fact, appearance straight.

Observing at the hair of together parents is not dependable because hair heredities are more complex than inheriting the locks type of any of the binary parents. However, they must be able to say you who in the household line has hair alike to yours.

With hair petite than 1.5 inches, Type I hair guises straight at first sight henceforth the need to wisely examine the hair so as not to complicate it with straight men hair type. Type I curly hair is colloquially recognized as wavy and well-known curly men with such locks include Hugh Grant, George Clooney, and Antonio Banderas. Recall, what is known colloquially as wavy hair reductions under the group/texture of curly!

Some countless hairstyles for Type I curly hair are the Wash Top hairstyle and the Side Swept.

Type II curly hair

Type II curls are the chewed version of Type I, and the distance required to procedure a full curl is petite: 1 to 2 inches. If your hair is small than 1 inch, you must be able to view a bent pattern now at the 0.5-inch mark. If your locks are short than 0.5 inches, the same family reference recommendation applies as to Type I curly hair type II. Type II curls will look straight only at distances less than 0.5 inches, so far, from lengthier lengths forwards, Type II wavy hair will fast a visible curved design.

Type II curls are colloquially recognized as wavy, moveable curls or tight surfs, and superstars such as Adrian Grenier or Nick Jonas have these locks. Type II can still be wrong for straight locks when actual short, so retain this in mind if your hair is petite and you are entering your curly hair.

Two countless hairstyles for males with Type II curly hair are the Caesar Cut and the Shoulder Length hairstyle.

Type III curly hair

Type III coiled hair takes 0.5 inches to 1 inch to form a filled curl. Since Type III, curly hair coils at an abundant shorter distance than Type I and Type II, Type III curly hair will jump forming in a twisted pattern and will aspect like a cursive assets “e” (E) when watched under normal circumstances. This “cursive E” looped effect is typically demonstrated in Type III and Type IV coiled hair.

Type III is recognized colloquially as coils, twists, or coiled and is greatest commonly the twist type that folks have in mind when they reflect on curly men’s hair type. Curly male superstars with Type III locks include Will Ferrell, Justin Timberlake, and John Turturro.

Great hairdos for Type III curly hair comprise the Ivy League hairdo and the Faux Hawk. You can, too, have an aspect at military trims for short hairstyles that outfit men with twisted hair (you can diversion any of the military trims regardless of your curl type too).

Type IV curly hair

Type IV curly hair is the chomped version of the loops and cursive Es shaped in Type III. By now, locks are formed among 0.125 inches and 0.5 inches, creating tight E-shaped coils. If the hair is petite than 0.125 inches, the hair is bent at any length, and the bent pattern is simple to sign unless the locks are at a near-smooth distance.

Type IV hair is colloquially recognized as wavy-kinky, kinky and twisted, and examples of superstars with such curl type comprise youngsters Corbin Bleu and Jaden Smith as healthy as NFL player Troy Polamalu.

Two hairdos that suit Type IV curly haired menfolk are the High and Tight and the Fade haircut.

Type V curly hair

Type V curly hair displays a peculiar shape approaching a “Z” instead of the twisted cursive E shape from Type III and Type IV twisted hair. Type V curly hair is so firmly coiled that the locks in this curl type do not have sufficient length to prompt a visible curve, and, at primary sight, their figure resembles what appearances like Z-shaped men hair type elements.

Curls are shaped in fewer than 0.125 inches, henceforth their frizzed shape is seeming even at a close-shaved length.

Type V curly hair is colloquially recognized as kinky, twists, afro-textured, and, in about circles, as nappy, and it is the coil type of general curly men such as Cuba Gooding Jr or Will Smith.

An excellent hairdo for Type V curly haired menfolk is the Afro, and the Recon haircut and Fade haircut are excessive choices too.


This best men’s hair type guide will help you to manage your hairstyle according to the texture of your hair. If you carefully follow the instructions and advice given in this guide, you can get the desired look you want. Not all hair types are the same as mentioned in the guide. There are straight or curly hair and curly hair further have types, i.e., they may be coiled or kinky. Moreover, the face cut and features of a person also matters.

So know your hair type then decide what kind of style you need. Knowing your hair type is beneficial for a person and his personality, especially for men who have few options to choose from as compared to women’s hairstyling options. Bookmark this guide for future reference, share it on Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, connect to it from your place or blog (if you have any) so that person who reads can enjoy this guide too or just email it to a couple of your networks whom you think would benefit from this hair type guide.

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