6 Way to Promote Barber shop for a Grand Opening

Grand Opening of your Barbershop

How Do You Promote a Grand Opening for a Barber Shop?

If you’re a barber or barbershop owner and you are opening a new location, that is a cause for celebration. Opening a business can be a lot of hard work, so you may as well treat yourself and your new clients to an awesome grand opening occasion to celebrate.

If you want a grand opening that is truly grand, you may wish to make certain that you have all the essential elements of any company’s launch party, and possibly some elements to showcase your barbershop’s uniqueness and prowess. A grand opening event that is excellent is key to bringing in and maintaining customers, so make sure you incorporate the advice which follows.

1) Get the Place Looking Top-Notch to Impress Newcomers


If you need to up your barbershop’s standing, you’ll want to apply the same advice you would on a first date or job interview: dress to impress. Be certain you hang some barbershop decor, put a new coat of paint on the walls, clean all floors and surfaces, and upgrade your barber chairs.

While you may not consider your barber chairs when you are searching for the big day, bear in mind that if individuals should come to your salon and sit for as long as a haircut might take, they will want to have a seat in some comfy and stylish barbershop chairs with an ample footrest.

Having the look of your salon or barbershop match the quality of the hairstyling and cutting you’ do is important to have a grand opening which ends in a wonderful influx of clients.

2) Consider Door Prizes or Giveaways to Entice People to Attend

Barber shop

If you wish to draw a crowd, consider offering door prizes, giveaways, or raffles. The possibility of winning some nice hair goods a haircut or even a fancy blowdryer will get people through the door which will introduce them to you along with your new barbershop. Getting on the radar of potential clients is well worth the purchase price of these giveaways.

3) Get Some Regional Sips and Eats

Every good party requires some food and drinks, and the introduction of your salon or barbershop is no exception. You may have the ability to get your refreshments at an affordable price if you work with a local restaurant or liquor shop vendor to supply liquor and snacks. As you might not have thought about it, using a large selection of tequila, whiskey, a wine that is red, and Sauvignon Blanc can convey that you’re a laidback barber who cares about catering to your customers’ wants.

4) Invite Local Talent to Do

Of working with vendors for food and drink in exactly the same vein, you might have the ability to hire a comedian or artist from your community to do at your grand opening. Someone who is local shows about getting an establishment in your town, city, or area that you care. Additionally, having come out to perform will drive more people to your barbershop and will expose them.

5) Promote it on Online

So many places you can promote your company online. Create a flyer that you can share on networking, events sites and rate my barber events page.

6) Include a Discount or Coupon for First-Timers

People who spend money and their time to come out to your barber shop’s grand opening will be delighted to do so if they know there is something for them in it. Think about giving a cut that is free to anyone who attends the opening or offering a percentage off service or a haircut. Or, you can offer these deals for those who share photos from your party on social networking and tag your salon to help increase your word of mouth promotion.

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Written by Sylvia Lyons


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